Fortran 77 Cray CFT Manual

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Fortran 77 was for a while the most popular and powerful language for scientific programming. Most every computer vendor included a Fortran 77 compiler, and some, like Cray's, could produce highly optimized and architecture-dependent object code. The Cray fortran compilers for their vector machines incorporated very many optimizations that could transform vectorizable code into efficient forms for execution on Cray's vector processors. However, Fortran at that time suffered in flexibility by its lack of heterogeneous data structuring primitives, and it required significant extension to support parallel execution, even on shared memory systems. Subsequent versions of Fortran standards addressed these shortcomings.


Tina and Greg Butler

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"Fortran 77 Cray CFT Manual.", Item #66 (accessed September 18 2021, 4:52 pm)

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